What is coinment.co?
coinment.co is bitcoin doubler site. If you make a deposit, you'll receive the double of your investment after another investor make a deposit too.
How it works?
1. Make a deposit

2. Payment will be sent after confirmed balance can cover your deposit and your 100% profit + 0.0004 BTC for transaction fee. You can check the current confirmed balance from stats page on Balance box.

Example 1 : You make a deposit 0.001 BTC, so you have to wait until wallet balance reach 0.001 x 2 + 0.0001 + 0.0004 = 0.0025 BTC.
Example 2 : User A make a deposit 0.02 BTC and after that user B make a deposit 0.001 BTC. Although the balance reach 0.0025 BTC but user B have to wait user A receive payment, because user A make a deposit before user B.
0.0004 BTC for transaction fee and 0.0001 BTC (10% from deposit) for affiliate commission (if you came from referral link).

3. Post your payment proof and leave feedback on forums and social networks after receiving payment.
What is Balance and Unconfirmed on Stats Page?
Balance is current wallet balance and at least has 3 confirmations by network. Unconfirmed is wallet balance but less than 3 confirmations by network.